"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Miracles

See this face! This is the face of a child who said her first un-prompted sentence. She came right up to me, tugged on my leg and said, "I want pie." 

Whoo-hoooo!!!! Pretty darn amazing! (She got lots of pie, of course!) I am not sure if the Ginko is helping or if she is just suddenly realizing that she isn't going to get anything unless she attempts to speak, but we are thrilled. Usually, I have to make her say a single word and it is like pulling teeth. We may be having pie everyday for a while. Luckily, I always have pie available. 

Then, she peed in the potty four times!!!! I think the neighbors heard our cheering from down the street. We figured out the key was that Francesca did not want to sit in the bathroom while we were in another room. So, we just the bring the potty to the middle of the family room and she is good to go. 

I also told her today that it was time for nap. She pointed to her sister and asked, "Victoria?". 
I said, "No, you too."
and she replied, "Why?"
Impressive, but she still had to nap. Let's not wear out all our incentives just yet. 

Little Miss Vickie Lou was not to be outdone by her sister. Usually Victoria is absolutely terrified to use her walker outside. We are not sure why, but I think the huge openness scares her. She will stand under the porch, but don't try to make her get out in the open air. No way, major freak out.

Well, I have kind of been making her get out there. She has to conquer her fears, plus, the kid weighs over 30 pounds and I can't carry her forever.  I stand right by her walker while she screams and cries, reaching for me pathetically, but I make her take a few steps with her walker. We have been doing this for about a week now.  Something clicked today, and she decided to explore the driveway. She really thought it was cool to walk between our cars. Now she will really be able to enjoy being outside, instead of just being held or sitting in the stroller. And yes, she should probably be wearing supportive shoes and braces, but hey, when the mood strikes, you gotta go with it.

 She even walked on the grass! Amazing! Not the sidewalk yet though. She will not put one toe on the sidewalk. For some reason the sidewalk causes hysteria akin to getting a tooth pulled without Novocaine.  I decided to let it go, for today anyway. Tomorrow, is another day. 

While all these amazing things were happening, we also managed to decorate our house for our upcoming Halloween party! The girls are just a tad excited. 

Six little ghosts all in a row. Don't you love the pink ghosts! 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 


  1. Oh my that is the most adorable walker I have ever seen! I love that it is so tiny. :) It is great to see how far Victoria and Francesca are coming! They are growing incredibly thanks to your family's love! :) You always have a way of putting a smile on my face!

  2. So many good things in one post!! I think Francesca needs a tshirt that says, "I want pie". So cute!!! And way to go Victoria! You will conquer that sidewalk yet, I know you will. :) The house looks so good. I love the pink ghosts as well..do you mind if I copy that idea?

  3. Yeah for Francesca!!!! And Victoria to!!! I am so happy for them both. Your house looks great! I love the spider webs in the trees!

  4. Whoot!
    Pie and Pee and Walking? What a day! Congratulations to Victoria and Francesca.

    Love the pink ghost. There should be more of those.

  5. Look how close together Victoria's feet are! It's just amazing how they are growing and changing. I love your updates.


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