"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, October 20, 2012


It was time for our annual trip to the corn maze. Everyone has changed so much since last year's post. Guess what they charge to walk through the corn and get lost? $10 a person, no matter how big or small! 

Of course, we had to have the obligatory kids with pumpkin pictures. Victoria calls them "pump pumps".

Francesca kept hopefully asking for "pie". 

Victoria looks so tiny. I can't believe she is three. We are ready to dive into the maze. 

Hopefully the corn was organic because before I even knew what was happening, Victoria was gnawing on a piece of corn stalk. 

As you go through the maze, they give you questions to guide you, like "how many gallons of milk does a cow give every year?" and "What was Mickey Mouse's original name?" Yea, like that was real helpful. We got lost, of course. (by the way, Mickey's first name was Mortimor)

"Pie? I want pie?"

My attempt at photography. 

Catherine went off the path. I am not really a fan of the country, since it usually doesn't have a lot of McDonald's nearby. All I could think of was that we were going to get stuck in the maze and it was going to get dark and it would be just like the "Children of the Corn" movie (which I never actually saw, but it sounds creepy!)

At the top of a bridge, overlooking the maze. We were still lost though. 

The end is in sight! 

Freedom! Check out Francesca, she can actually run now. 

Then it was time for the real reason we come every year: the giant bouncy pillow. 

Nothing says "farm" like a giant plastic mound of pure joy. 

Horses made out of tires, very cool! 

No sand here, a corn box. Lots of fun. 

We gotta get one of these trikes with a handle. 

We were a little worried that Victoria might not be able to participate in all the activities, but she "jumped" right in. She just needed a little help along the way. 


A quick rest. 

Francesca was really flying. She kind of looks like she's doing karate. Hi-ya!

Check out Victoria, out in the open sky and not afraid to walk around! 

Victoria loved the ponies. We didn't ride on them though cause they cost even more than the maze.

I wonder what she is thinking?

Notice anything different about Isabella? Much to her dismay, I cut her hair today. I think she looks fabulous! 

She hates it! What do you all think?


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time! Tell Isabella that I think she looks fabulous with her new hair cut. Looks more matue ;)

  2. Before I had even gotten to the part about Isabella's haircut I thought to myself when I saw the picture of her jumping on the giant bouncy pillows that she could be a model! Those long legs! I think she is gorgeous!

  3. Isabella is stunning- her face is so beautiful I never ever notice her hair. Please tell her I said this.

  4. It looks like that was a great day at the corn maze. Was Isabella haircut a punishment?

  5. I think she looks great! As for the corn maze cost, next time check out Groupon for your area. We got ours at half off this year for the corn maze. BTW, we were in there for quite some time too. LOL. Looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fun day and beautiful pics of all your girls!! Isabella, I think you look like an exotic, beautiful model!!! Love it!!

  7. Isabella would look beautiful if she were shaved bald. Plus, after watching her work with the word cards with her sister it is clear that she is beautiful all the way through. You are a lucky mom - I think you won the lottery with that kid! :-)

  8. Isabella looks lovely with her new hairdo! The littles look like they were having a glorious time and enjoying it thoroughly. How wonderful that Victoria could enjoy being in the great outdoors with no fear.

  9. I think and thought before I even scrolled to the end of your fun post that Isabella is absolutely stunning and I noticed her haircut before you mentioned it. I think she has a GORGEOUS face, and an equally mature voice and manner to boot (from videos I've seen) She can pull off the short natural haircut flawlessly...

    HOWEVER, it would be remiss of me not to say the following and please do not take it as an attack but if SHE hates it, I think it was quite unfair of you to cut her hair. I know hair might not be your "thing" however, you did opt to adopt a Haitian daughter and I think it's vitally important that you make an effort to learn how to care for her hair. I know it is difficult - at first - but not quite so much once you learn how. Plus she is old enough now to also learn. You live in/near Atlanta, there is a WEALTH of resources for black hair in your area.

    Just because you cannot manage her hair, I don't think it is fair of you to shorn hers, especially to her dismay and detestation. It's almost cruel if she wanted to keep her hair. I've wanted to comment on this for quite some time, and I feel since you have opened the dialogue that it is okay for me to do so. Whether or not your other readers feel I am attacking your or disagree with me or not.

    As a person of black decent as well, I understand this PERSONALLY. Many others will say "oh she's beautiful, oh hair doesn't matter" to be sweet and nice and beat around the bush, but I am quite certain that if you took shears to their crowning glory they would NOT be so optimistic and positive about it.

    Shorn your locks for a buzz cut and see if you are happy about it. I think you wouldn't be and I really have to say it's unfair that because you don't want to learn how to manage her thick beautiful hair, that you just sheared it instead. Really. She's blessed that she is so STUNNING that it looks great on her, but if it isn't what she wanted, then it is truly unfair.

    Please reconsider taking this route for your comfort and learn how and teach this girl how to manage her own haircare, it will be invaluable to her as she grows. Most black little girls learn proper hair care as they are brought up and sit through getting their hair combed and styled. It's sometimes a rite of passage in a sense. It's the type of hair that we have and though to "outsiders" it may seem "difficult" it isn't DIFFICULT, it is just DIFFERENT.

    A GREAT blog by an adoptive white mother with a black daughter that I implore you to invest some time into for sweet Isabella's sake: www.chocolatehairvanillacare.com/

    Bella deserves a choice in what she wants for her hair care. I'm sure you wouldn't have cut all of Anastasia's hair, just because she doesn't like to comb it.

    Now I am NOT attacking you, I am just hoping you are receptive to opening dialogue about this. Majority of your readers are likely not people of color and therefore cannot personally understand this and again will have the cop out comments of "she's beautiful, it doesn't matter" but it does matter. Its her hair. Hair is a girls crowning glory no matter the color, texture, length or style. But it should be that girls choice to make the decision on what color and length and style and not done out of convenience for someone who wont take the time to learn proper care.

    I LOVE your blog and I LOVE your heart for orphans and animals. I adore all of your little ones, but I just felt very strongly about this and I truly hope you will approve this comment.

    again, great starting point for adoptive moms of children with ethnic hair: www.chocolatehairvanillacare.com

    If you need some contact for affordable hair care in your area, please let me know and I can try and contact some friends and see if they can help!

    Best wishes and God's blessings.

    I hope i didn't come off as an a**, I'm just very sensitive about certain things this being one of them.

  10. Isabella looks wonderful with her short hair. It gives her more free time when she has less hair to manage.

  11. Isabella is beautiful! Any woman would be proud to have her beautiful bone structure and, like those who posted before me, she could be a model. I think her new haircut really accentuates her beautiful face. Annette @ churchworkhome

  12. Isabella is beautiful. Why can't she have longer hair if she wants though? Just curious. Did she only hate it after you did it? I always hate my hair right after I've gotten it cut.

  13. I was just thinking that Isabella looks really great, that she is turning into a young woman! I think the haircut frames her face and brings out her eyes!

  14. I have to comment on the statement by P. Preston above. I agree that she should learn to care for her hair and you can learn to care for it also. I would encourage you to find fellow Haitians in your area if possible. I work with a beautiful young woman whose family is from Haiti and it would be nice for Isabella to have her community for support. However, I disagree that she should sit through the "rite of passage" and have her hair artificially straightened and processed with chemicals. My co-worker wears weaves and wigs and while she is beautiful I feel that we will never learn to appreciate the true beauty of a woman of color as long as women of color continue to strive to have some type of "white" hair. There is a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey that has a great section on having beautiful full curly hair for women with super curly hair. Please, please, don't let Isabella think that the only way her hair will be beautiful is if it looks like some version of your other daughters. Annette

  15. Isabella looks like a model! She is just beautiful no matter how long her hair is!

  16. Oy vey Catherine. Isabella's hair is beautiful. You are all beautiful. Love, Jane (formerly in California, now in Oregon!)


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