"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splish Splash

The day started with this sad face. We all had a case of the doldrums, so we decided to make our annual visit to the Olympic fountain in downtown Atlanta today.

The kids have grown so much since last year's visit!

Last year, Francesca wouldn't go near the water. This year didn't start out much better. I am kind of going with the desensitization method. Get in there and get wet and get used to it!

Of course, Victoria loved it. I wish she could use her legs more. Hopefully, in time.

Lo and behold, Francesca is taking the plunge!

We have made contact with the offending liquid and we are smiling about it!

Elliot was bored 5 seconds after we got there.

Catherine immediately slipped and cut her knee. She reached some pretty high decibels for a while.

She got over it though.

We all got soaked, but I am the only one who forgot to bring clothes. Sigh.

There are thousands and thousands of bricks at the park, but we always have to search for ours. For $50, I think the brick was a real bargain.

Tell me all about your weekend! 


  1. Mostly sewing, knitting and cleaning, boy it was cold!
    "The desensitization method": Get in there and get wet and get used to it!
    Reminds me of my mother educational method! HaHaHa!!!

  2. We are at my dad's beach house in Florida..So yeah, sort of fabulous. I feel like a Trump or Hilton child while here. With the one little thing, I don't have to pay for it!! My sister was here for a week but left this weekend..So we had a whole mess of tears. There is nothing to make a couple of Russian girlz more sad than to say goodbye to their "Auntie."

    We don't hit high decibals on our cry fests, we just have the kind of puppy dog faces that last all day!!


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