"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Points of Interest

Here we have Francesca, happily sitting on the potty. Yea Francesca! For the longest time she wouldn't even get near the potty. 

Now we have Francesca off the potty and promptly peeing in her underwear and all over the floor. She is happy about it though! Me, not so much.

Here we have Victoria sorting her pegs. I love how she has her hands on her hips.

Here we have Victoria sorting the dogfood. That didn't go as well.

Of course, Catherine, was not about to be left out!

Victoria is learning to pitch a fit. She used to be so complacent. Now, if I go out of the room, she screams like a banshee.

Catherine had to get two cavities filled this week. She got this doll because she was so darn "good". (Catherine likes all her dolls to only wear their birthday suits) We spent an hour and a half just trying to get her to sit in the  chair. They tried to show her all their equipment, but she kept her hands over her mouth and mumbled, "No, I do not want Mr. Thirsty near me. No way".

My favorite part was when Catherine got up on all fours and started growling at the dental hygienist.  Oh my! Finally I had to hold her down and hold the laughing gas mask on her nose. Once the nitrous oxide kicked in, she was a happy camper. Amazingly, she let them take x-rays and she opened her mouth. When we left, she tried to take the mask with her. I know how she feels. I really want some "happy gas" for my own personal use! We are going to start brushing 10 times a day.

Francesca is working on puzzles, kind of.  Puzzles are not her thing. She really likes dressing herself though, especially in my bathing suit.

Very fashionable!

Meanwhile, the girls were keeping themselves busy. See the little green shoes peeking out?

My sisters can even make a blanket fun! I'm so glad we have hardwood floors! Zoom! Plus, look how clean the floors are!

Francesca loves that baby doll!

Isabella is so strong! She's dragging about 90 pounds!

Look who can get herself on the sit-n-spin!

Anastasia was in so happy when our friend brought by a puppy for a visit. All the animals like her the best!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Your kids are so cute and your commentary super amusing. Happy Friday to you!

  2. God, happy friday to you too, yours seems quite busy...

  3. I know and understand life is choatic, at best with all that has to be done with your beautiful children. But I won't you to know, [for me] this has been a most precious post. I love that Miss F, is trying to potty; Miss V is getting on the sit and spin [and would ya look at those beautiful FLESHY thighs? - and little Miss C...her facial expressions are priceless. All of your girls and Elliot too, are beautiful children. Kudos to you and Travis!

  4. Just saw Tracey Sharpe's post where she said you confirmed that was indeed Victoria - when I first saw the post I thought she looked striking like Victoria, but dismissed it since you Victoria was so ill when you met her. It breaks my heart to see just how much her well being declined in those 6 months. So wonderful to see her so happy and playing with her sisters, learning and growing with her forever family!

  5. I agree with "The C Family", you writing is amusing! BUT, the expressions alone of your children are great! Love your posts and how your share your family.

  6. LOVE IT! Was wondering how Francesca is doing with her fingers? Our daughter had syndactyly and had to have some fingers separated and still tends to use her thumb and pinky the most as they were always free and easy to use. So, my inquiring mind is curious as to how Francesca is doing with all her new fingers?? Thank you so much for the laugh too! Happy Friday.

  7. Lovely post. I found your blog through Christie's (Our Family Blog). Your previous post about meeting the girls ... their conditions were shocking. THIS post illustrates just how much of a difference one year in a loving family with loving care can make! I agree with Christie ... you should send some of these pictures of your girls THRIVING back to the orphanage ... probably in a before and after type of format. They NEED to see. I am so happy for Francesca and Victoria that you found each other!
    MariaG (Canada)

  8. I'm even glad Victoria is learning to pitch a fit! "Yes" means more if you know you can say "No!"

    Looks like you've had a good Friday! We have too...

  9. I love reading about your family - it makes me smile. I love all the great photos. Thank you so much for sharing


  10. Your blog is by far my favorite blog, and I anxiously log in a zillion times per day hoping for a new post. I LOVE your sense of humor - totally love it! And your children are just the bee's knees - their personalities shine through the photos you post of them. As the other commenters have said, the contrast between the little girls from your last post to this one is just astounding. AMAZING. Thank you so very much for sharing your precious family with us. Your girls (and son!) are beyond blessed to live in such a loving family, and to have such a loving (and fun!) mother. Love and hugs to you all xx

  11. Jessica's comment up a few had me digging to find out what she meant about Victoria. I'd been to the Sharpe family's blog before, but hadnt been following it (til now). My heart is broken and further moved. This sickening transformation before you brought her home is gut wrenching. But the transofmation with-in a family is awe-inspiring to see the potential in each one of those children. God used you to SAVE her life, what was once viewed as such a burden for some unknown reason is now a TREASURE.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to this tragic need. I was praying my husbands heart would soften to someday welcome more children to our family (and it has) and now my prayer is that he wont care if they are biological or not.

  12. I LOVE the closeup of the three girls laughing in the blanket,and Catherine covering up her face. she looks like she is laughing so hard. hahahah... Sweet children. and I love that she growled at the hygenist. hahahaha... Kids crack me up! Mine do that for me, too. hahahahah... happy sigh.


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