"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Baaaaccckk!!!!!!!

The title is definitely to be said in the Jack Nicholson voice from "The Shining". I may be turning into a crazier version of Jack Nicholson after being without any computer or television for two weeks with all six kids at home. Scary!!!!!

I honestly didn't think I was ever going to get back to you guys. Today when I called the "Geek Squad" and they calmly told me that after 99 hours, my data was only 30% recovered, I kind of cracked up a little bit. It was raining again. The kids were skating in the family room. Victoria was throwing dog food. I made an executive decision.
"Everyone, get it the car, we are on a mission to get my laptop (and we're going out to eat too, because no one, including me, liked my version of Stroganoff with spagetti noodles).

The sad news is my little netbook, with all my cute stickers plastered on it, is no more. The exciting news is now I have a real laptop like the cool people do. I think I look real professional sitting in my bathroom typing my blog now.

So, let me fill you in on all the latest. I had to get quite creative to satisfy my brilliant children's quest for knowledge. Luckily, I have a vast amount of fancy, high tech, educational child appropriate supplies. First, we got out the balloon from the Mexican restaurant (you might think that since I had no computer that I would have been inspired to cook more. Well, you would have been wrong.)

Victoria kept herself amused for a long time, shuffling herself across the living room. Especially since I kept moving the balloon.

 Elliot had his 18th birthday. I have mixed feelings about him being considered an adult. Mostly, they are scared feelings.

Since I enjoy giving myself migraines, I scheduled a dentist appointment for all six kids on the same day. Can you guess who had a cavity? That would be the grumpy one on the right.

I brought out a fun game I like to creatively call "Bottles and Lids"."  Of course, Catherine is wearing her bathing suit, again.

Victoria is really putting her legs closer and closer together.

The kids did some stretching exercises. I participated by eating Oreos.

The kids begged me to let them do some schoolwork, so I had to oblige.

We drew with chalk, but not so much on the sidewalk.

Someday soon I really gotta give little Catherine a tutorial on how to smile for a picture.

Pink hair again.

We bought some cool goo at Wal-mart. The goo turned the water into a slimy wonderland.

Shocker-roooo, Francesca hated it!

Just in case anyone decides to buy this stuff, it does stick to hair for quite a long time.

 Here's something really exciting. I organized every single closet in my house. The bin aisle has become my favorite place at Target. It's better than browsing the cookie aisle. We even got our books out from under the bed and arranged them on these cool white things called shelves. As you can see from Catherine's dancing, it was a real party (actually, I think she was trying to run away and hide before I made her organize something).

This is Victoria's version of peek-a-boo.

Check it out! Now that we actually folded the laundry, I found the July 4th shirts for everyone to match! This was truly remarkable. Now, I know some of you might worry that since I have a new, real laptop, that my laundry may suffer, but don't fret. I am willing to sacrifice for you all.
Victoria was pretty freaked out by the fireworks. She mostly burrowed her head in my neck the whole time. Francesca, surprisingly, wasn't impressed. I'm sure if the fireworks had been made of whip cream, we would have had a situation on our hands.

Of course, every holiday must be celebrated with a cake. I actually had blueberries for the stars, but some rotten son of mine ate them, so we had to use blue sprinkles. Luckily, I always have large quantities of sprinkles.

The girls designed a lemon-aide stand. They made $5.00 so far, which is almost as much as it cost me to buy the lemon-aide and the cups.

Francesca is learning to dress herself. I am so proud!

Victoria is learning how to throw everything. She even said "uh-oh" afterwards. Pretty impressive. Her EEG didn't show anything, so now we get to do a 24 hour, at home, EEG. I can't wait. I can't imagine how I am going to keep all those little wires attached to her head.

Francesca organized these books. She was so proud of herself. Besides unloading the dishwashers, this is her favorite thing.

And finally, more stretching. So, there you have it, now you are all caught up with our thrilling lives. Hope you all are doing well!!! Did anyone miss me?


  1. Welcome back!!!! Love seeing all those smiles!

  2. Yes, you were missed and all those girls are looking GREAT. Congrats to Elliot on turning 18.

  3. I missed y'all and am so glad you're back! Excuse me YOU'RE BACK!!!

  4. I missed you! So glad to have you back. Seriously, without your posts I feel like I am alone in my insanity.

  5. I rarely comment, but I ALWAYS read...you can't ever go away again!!! LOL you are my favorite bloggy read and I love catching up with your family. :)


  6. You were most definitely missed! Love love love all the pictures and stories. Welcome Back!! :-D

  7. Welcome back! I missed your posts so much!

  8. You were most definitely missed! Glad you are back!

  9. Big fat happy sigh! Super glad to see you back. Love the post and all the pictures.
    "Bottles and Lids" looks entertaining. I want the "organization bug" to hit over here. ;)

  10. Yay! Now I can read about someone else's "too much craziness" and not feel so bad about mine! Welcome back! And a great big NY state Happy Birthday to Elliot!

  11. I missed you, Catherine! Welcome back!

  12. Of COURSE we missed you! Love your blog!

  13. Yes you were most definitely missed! So happy you're back!

  14. I missed you!! Well, mostly your kids. I'm glad you have a "big girl" laptop now. LOL Victoria is doing so well!!

  15. YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! So glad to get my daily giggle fix back!! (((HUGS))) from RI!

  16. You are cool water to a mind that was parched for your sense of humor (and pics of the kids, even the rotten son - 18?? he looks so young!) :D

    In other words thank you for coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I was praying for Victoria's EEG!

  18. Yay!! You were very missed! Thank you for catching us up and making us laugh!

  19. Oh yes you were missed!! I love your blog full of humor and your awesome kids. Thanks for the update and beautiful pics!!

  20. YES! Whenever my single child is driving me bonkers I can always count on you for humor (and a reminder that some people can, and do, successfully raise more than one child - perhaps not me, but some people). Welcome back! Also - have you ever done sidewalk painting? Very fun - and simple (water, cornstarch, and food coloring). Might be fun for your crew if you need a cheap and easy project....

  21. Yes, Ms. Catherine, I missed you! I am so glad you are back! I can't wait for the next update!

    Morgan Mickschl from CA
    (Hansina's daughter. We met in UA last year!)

  22. Yes, I missed you! Your blog is a bit of joy on an otherwise difficult day. I know that sounds like I am profiting from YOUR difficult days, sometimes, but seeing your children's smiling faces and watching their progress just uplifts me no end!!!

  23. Look at Victora's belly!!! Love it!! And I'm pretty sure Francesca and I would be fast friends. I'm with her, fireworks could use some whipped cream!


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