"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 1, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program.....

for some exciting news!

Little Victoria is, kind of, sort of, mobile!

Because her hips are out of joint, she has to be propped on a pillow for support. She is so determined. She pulls her whole body with just her arms.

It's hard to believe that just a month ago, this was my baby.

Victoria, you inspire me sweetie-pie!


  1. Victoria - you are So amazing!!!!!!
    you GO girl!

  2. And she looks great! Keep going sweetie!

  3. This little one is amazing. I'm so glad you brought her home where she can blossom.

  4. WOO HOO Victoria!! can't wait to see what you do in another month!! :)
    She is lookin good!!!!

  5. Victoria has the spirit and determination of a fighter, thank goodness. That is probably what helped her survive where she was at. Keep up that fight Sweet Princess!

  6. A month ago your girls brought tears to my eyes. Now they bring a smile to my face. Amazing what a little TLC can do. ;o)

  7. Even in a pic you posted yesterday, where Victoria put in only a "cameo" appearance, it is easy to see how much healthier she looks...AND how much more peaceful, too. That strained look is disappearing from her face. I LOVE to see her progress....good job, Mom!

  8. Wahooo! Go Victoria! One little miracle in a series of many that will continue to leave ALL of us breathless!

    God is good!


  9. I just want to squeeze those chunky little thighs! What a precious gift God has provided to both Victoria and to her forever family. Praise Him!

  10. Yay!!!! Victoria!!!!!!

    Reposting at www.allchildrenareablessing.blogspot.com

  11. This is great to see! I have been following for some time in the shadows..

    Maybe you could fashion her a skate board with some padding to pull herself around on. You could replace some of the wheels with casters so she could turn easier. Just don't let her near the stairs!

  12. Both your girls have changed so much in the last month! It is just amazing!! Both are just beautiful! Can you tell us what's next medical wise for the girls? Will they have to have surgery? I just love all the pictures!

  13. Amazing! It's so sad how these orphanages and societies tend to write these children off as being unable or unworthy. When all it takes is some basic proper nutrition and LOVE and these kids will show you ALL of their ABILITY!!

    Was curious what the plan was for Victoria in the coming months as far as getting her legs "fixed" are you going to be utilizing Shriners or somewhere in Atlanta area? Whats the prognosis so far of what they think they can do for her hips and legs and feet? Just curious. I'd love to see her more mobile. I know its going to be a long (and often painful) journey for her. But I was really curious what the plan was...

    and for Francie (sorry, nicknames are a bad habit of mine, lol) is there anything medically she needs or that can be done for her? (I'm thinking specifically her hands, to give her more use of them?) I hope I'm not prying TOO much, but would just love to know if there is a plan in place or what the girls need now that they are HOME and getting love and healthy!!

  14. she truly is "filling in" sooo nicely ;)


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