"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Q & A's

I've gotten a lot of questions lately that I thought I would answer. Really, feel free to ask me anything. You people have seen me in a bathing suit; I have no secrets!

"How old are your kids?"
Elliot is 17 (yep, I am old), Isabella is 10 1/2, Anastasia is 8, Catherine is 4, Francesca is almost 2 1/2 and Victoria will be 2 next week!

No, Francesca and Victoria are not twins and no, they do not have the same "condition". (doctors ask me this alot!)

"When are they going to have surgery?" What are the plans for their treatment?"
I wish I had a more definite answer to that one! We have 10 doctor's appointments this month, so hopefully we will have a plan soon. Victoria's arthrogyoposis is not progressive, but Francesca's Apert syndrome is progressive. As soon as Francesca gets a MRI we should know if we need to do her first skull surgery right away to prevent pressure on her brain. Otherwise, I am hoping that they both can have their cleft palates repaired at the same time for their first surgery. Then, Francesca will need to have hand and feet surgery to separate her digits. They will also have genetics appointments. Sometimes thinking about all this gives me a headache.

"Why did we want to adopt again" and "How did I choose them out of all the children available for adoption?"
I really believe God picked them for us. I tried for a long time to NOT to listen that these two girls were meant to be our kids. I looked into other countries that had much shorter travel. I tried to put the whole idea out of adopting again out my mind completely. But, in the end, I knew that this was God's will. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, but never did. So, here they are!

"How do I stay organized and keep my sanity?"
Umm, I don't.

"How do I discipline the children?"
I mostly hide from them. They usually miss me after a while.

"Will they ever be normal?"
I sure hope not. Normal is too boring. Plus, if everyone is staring at them, then it means no one notices that I forgot to brush my hair. I am thinking of getting us all shirts that say, "Let your freak flag fly!".

"Are we going to adopt again?"
Well, we feel like we are done, but who knows when the crazy will take over again.

"Can we help you in any way?"
YES!!! Please feel free to come vacumn anytime!

Thank you all for caring!


  1. First of all...wow look at Francesca's sweet smile in that second picture! Adorable!

    I love your answer to the question about being "normal." LOVE IT!

  2. I feel, based on your answers to the discipline and sanity questions, that we should be friends! haha. Love it!

  3. You are so funny! Our Sarah had the surgery to separate her fingers and it is amazing! Both hands were webbed. Because of restrictive band syndrome, some of her fingers are missing on one hand, but her other hand looks almost normal!
    Erika has Arthrogryposis... we have had a few surgeries and we have a big appt. coming up on the 19th to determine another one. The best advice I have ever gotten (not that you asked, but I'll say it anyway) :) was from our prosthetist. (the guy who makes fake legs...both our daugthers are amputees too) He said, "make sure what you do has huge benefit. Weigh the cost, because if you do too much, it can be detrimental. Don't forget to let them be kids. :)
    He called the kids who have too much done, "cadillac kids"..... just because you can doesn't mean you should. I found his advice sound!

    Now I feel like I need a t shirt too! :)

  4. I have a question: Is the cleft palate part of the trouble Victoria was/is having with eating/drinking?

    All your kids are beautiful. Thanks for sharing glimpses of them!

  5. I want to thank you for your humor and humaness...and with your beautiful family, I totally support you all letting your freak flags fly HIGH!


  6. I just love reading your blog. It always gives me the laugh I need:) And your header picture, LOVE it!

  7. In addition to vacuuming, you can help by donating at http://helpvictoria.chipin.com/help-victoria-to-walk and promote this site as much as you can.

    I have another one set up for Francesca, but have not published it because I would like to focus on one at a time; but the money will be used for which ever surgery scheduled first. Thank you for your help

  8. hahahahaha! I'd pay good money for some of those shirts!!!!

  9. You're on to something with the shirt! I'm always saying the same thing , except ours would read, "Ringling Bros is always in town".
    I wished you lived around the corner... our neighbors would love us again.

    You are delightful!

  10. When I read "Let your freak flag fly!" I laughed out loud! I love your sense of humor that has a kind twist! I love that you are teaching your kids to embrace their differences and love being who they are. Peace, Allison

  11. I did not know both girls had cleft palates too, like my Henry! I will need to grill you on the surgery for that later...


  12. Normal...

    What is normal?

    Whatever it is...you will not likely find it anywhere near me!


  13. I can count on you for a pick-me-up. As far as I know, normal is just a dryer setting! Are any of your children your bio children? I love you folks even though we've never met. Love ya'll like a pig loves slop! Beth

  14. i would *so* come vacuum if you lived near me!!!!

  15. Ooooh, I so wish I could come give a hand....I would happily vacuum for your! Or hold a little girl!

  16. Your questions and answers are hilarious! I love your discipline one: I find myself hiding in my closet too LOL We have six kids.

    Your children are beautiful!

    Kelly in Colorado


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