"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tender Tuesday

What's that? It's Wednesday? Drat. Well, I didn't have an acronym that started with a "W" anyway.

 Little Catherine did the sweetest things today. Francesca had a bug bite that she couldn't reach and Catherine reached over and scratched it for her. Catherine said, "There now, doesn't that feel better sister?"

Then, she decided to wash Victoria's feet, so she would feel "fresh and clean." What a sweetie pie!

Isabella is an amazing teacher! She has been working with Francesca and Victoria to help them learn their letters. I didn't think much about it and just thought it was cute, but then I saw Victoria pointing to the "B" when Isabella said the letter! Wow!!! 

These two are hysterical. Neither of them can make the trike move, but they sure do like sitting on it.

My little scientist, Anastasia, did an experiment today (that I didn't really think would work). She filled this tube up to the top with water, and stuck a piece of paper towel on the end with a rubberband. Of course, I figured that all the water would gush right out, but no!! Apparently, as my nine year old explained patiently to me, the air pressure inside the tube and outside push against each other and the water doesn't leak out. Pretty amazing!

I read a quote the other day that really made me stop and think....."What would you do today if you knew you could not fail – now go do it!" 

Well, all righty then! So I decided to call my homestudy agency today. No more procrastinating. We are going to get things rolling soon! Very exciting!

What did you all do on this exciting not Tuesday day?



  1. YAH!!! your starting a home study update. Can't wait to see who's joining you next!
    What a sweet bunch of girls you have!

  2. yay cant wait to read about it all!!!

  3. Can't wait to read all about your new adventures!

  4. OK so of course I'm excited for you but I feel compelled to share this: I took the plunge about 6 weeks ago and called my homestudy agency (used twice and recommended to many who used...great agency..etc..). I hear nothing. I write email. Another email. Another phone call. Like every 3 days for 5 weeks. Nothing. Then I come home one day from work and get a bill from them: I guess I never paid the latest in home visit. It really is funny as in made me laugh because I still think they are great so I took it as 'yeah, right another adoption. How about paying this bill first'...I'm actually a bit broke so won't be paying for another 4 weeks yet. OK I guess I'm weird..I know...when I tell my fam and friends this they are like 'well pay already!' or 'geez you'd think they'd cut you a deal/call back' to me it is just how it is..seriously I'm cracking up writing this...Nobody seems to get it but hahaha just cracks me up! I have a feeling I'll pay bill and they'll call right back about all my emails and phone calls...

  5. Yah! I am so ready to see you mother more little ones! You, my friend are an inspiration!

  6. BTW, has anyone suggested Serbia?
    Leah who blogs at Garden of Eagan (http://gardenofeagan.blogspot.com) advocates for Serbian adoptions:
    She is one ferocious, amazing, loving lady!
    -- Patricia

  7. Awesome!!! If I read that quote I'd probably attempt a soufle, but you are starting a homestudy!! You are mucho amazing!!!

  8. Wahoooo! So excited for your new adoption plans. Long term lurker here sending you waves of endless prayers and support! Did you decide on a country? My votes are for Columbia or Serbia. Serbia is super inexpensive and a great adoption program with no corruption, bribes, and easy peasy travel length and I've even seen adoptions from start to finish completed in 4 months!

  9. Your girls are so sweet! I'm so excited that you are starting the journey again! I will be praying for you and your future child/children!

  10. So happy for your family that you are adopting again. :)
    I love your blog and your family is so inspiring.
    We are going back to China for our 2nd little guy so I know how scary it is to get back in the adopting mode.
    Best wishes from an admirer who isn't always the best at leaving comments.


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