"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Very First Post!!!

Hi Everyone,

This is exciting to be starting my blog, but I sure hope someone will read this!!!

(We made these shirts with our handprints and footprints! Very fun to do. Mine is supposed to be a tree with their handprints, but it kind of looks like green fireworks. Of course, I am wearing my favorite Pink Panther hat from when I was a kid. )

My name is Catherine and I have been married to Travis for 17 years. Wow! That is a long time! We have four kids. Elliot is 16 and no, he is not driving! Maybe when he is 25. Isabella just turned 10. We adopted her from Haiti three years ago, when she was almost 7. Anastasia is 7 3/4. Our youngest is also named Catherine. Sometimes we call her little Catherine, however, this does NOT make me "big" Catherine. She is three and we adopted her two years ago when she was 11 months old from the Republic of Georgia.

We have a few dogs and cats, quite a few, but who's counting? (well, maybe the neighbors)

My mom and grandma live about a mile away, which is really wonderful.

I have wanted to adopt again for about a year. My favorite site is Reecesrainbow.org

Of course, finances are a problem, but if God has told us to do this, I know we can do it!


  1. Hi Catherine!

    Gretchen's right! It does look great :)

    Although, I bet she's cringing over all your furry friends...she's NOT an animal person, ha haa.

  2. Thank you Jodi! Come on Gretchen, don't you want to visit and sit on my couch!

  3. glad to have found your blog My best friend has Alpert syndrome i look forward to reading your journey to get your little one


  4. Welcome to the Mommy Blog world! We have a lot in common, except my kids are adopted domestically and my family are definitely not behind me on my wish to adopt again. Maybe after my oldest son (17) is out of the house.

    Good luck with your new blog!

    Mary in TX


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