"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honoring Henry

The world lost an angel today. My dear friend, Carla's, sweet little boy is with Jesus tonight. I am just devastated for her and her family. 

Carla and her husband adopted Henry from Ukraine, just a few months after I brought Victoria and Francesca home. He has only been home for about a year. 

In Ukraine, he was diagnosed as having Arthrogryposis, like Victoria, which is how Carla and I started our friendship. After Henry was safely home in the United States, the doctors discovered that he didn't have Arthrogryposis, but Larson Syndrome. That's pretty shocking news to receive, that your baby has something totally different than what you are prepared for, but I remember how Carla always trusted in God. Instead of worrying (like me!), she told me how if Henry hadn't been mis-diagnosed with Athrogryposis, then he wouldn't have been able to be adopted. 

Henry had a host of complications, including a dangerously curved spine and knee joints that were on backwards. He had alot of limitations, He couldn't sit up, but he could get into toys and mischief.

Henry has made such a huge impact on so many lives. He never let anything stop him.  He found joy with the love of his family. Now he can run and play up in Heaven and watch over his family.

He brought happiness to so many. He spirit lives on forever in our hearts. 

Please pray for Carla and her family during this difficult time. 


  1. Prayers for Carla and her family and for your heart as well. Thank you, Jesus, for placing this sweet child in his forever family so he could know love on this side of Heaven. (((HUGS)))

  2. :O((( I am so sorry for this family's lost. I prayed and prayed but our Lord had other plans for little Henry. My prayers are for your precious friend.

  3. Beautiful tribute to Henry and the family, Catherine.

  4. Oh how heartbreaking! :( We will pray.

  5. I am stunned. I followed Henry's journey on their blog from the beginnning and I never imagined anything but a long bright future for him in a loving family that was willing help him in any way they could. Will be praying for them.

  6. I was so shocked to wake up and see this today on Facebook. I know Henry recently had major surgery and got an infection but what was it that actually caused him to die?


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