"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A "Great" Birthday

Guess who had a birthday on Saturday! Our wonderful, Great, turned 95 years old! 

Everyone in our family wears this wreath on their birthday. It came all the way from Czechoslovakia, which is where my family is from. 

My girls know how to party! 

Great loved her present, a tapestry of Mary and baby Jesus. 

Yum! Though I almost had a heart attack over the kids eating all that red dye. It's the only health conscious thing I worry about! 

Francesca thought the whole cake was just for her! 

We were worried the whole time that the sparklers were going to set off the fire alarm, but we lucked out. 

When you're 95, you get to make a really big wish! 

Great and her oldest great-grand child, my sweet son, Elliot. 

This balloon was way bigger than little Catherine. 

Special birthday gifts. 

This is Great's friend, Lou. He doesn't really like anyone, but he loves Great. They are buddies. 

We had a great idea to make bean-bag socks for everyone to toss. Beans pretty much ended up all over, but everyone had fun. I love how Victoria is just standing so straight and tall. 

Everyone waited patiently for their cake. 

Victoria kept setting off the alarm by opening the door. Her newest word is "outside".

Two of my favorites, Jean and Jean. Jean, with the purple shirt calls everyone "Honey Bunny". 

Happy Birthday Great! We're so glad we got to be with your on your special day. We love you!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Great! I love the birthday crown of flowers! What a neat tradition! And the picture of Great holding hands with her buddy Lou...so sweet! I am so happy that your kids get to have these special times with their Great. The time I spent with my Great Grandmother made me into the person I am today and oh how I wish my kids could have known her as well..

  2. I LOVE your pictures. Interesting, the Czech tradition of wearing the wreath on birthdays, nice! Victoria has more expression in her face in these pictures than I've seen in previous ones. She looks content. I can imagine her saying "outside". Typical toddler, ha-ha! Those 2 little girls have come SO FAR, it makes my heart dance! That last picture of Great is really precious!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT time!!

    (I just had to comment though that having fire and oxygen that close together is very dangerous.)

  4. Love the wreath, it looks really fresh for being in the family for so long :).


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