"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Working for the weekend

I declared that this weekend was going to be project de-clutter! I'm not absolutely positive, but I think Catherine is growling in protest in this picture. 

After a nourishing breakfast, we were all ready to begin.

Some of us really jumped at the chance to get organized. My new philosophy is:  if I see if on the floor, you must not care about the toy very much, so I will give it to Goodwill. Also, everyone gets one bin to keep their special items in. Everything else is going to be played with on a permission only basis.

While the kids were busy putting all my clean towels on the floor to make doll beds (why can't the dolls sleep on the kids' beds?), I actually cleared off a windowsill. Doesn't this look so zen? I didn't take a before picture. I didn't want to scare you all.

Meanwhile, Victoria was contemplating the merits of the wooden chair.

Ummm, can I get a little help here?

The doctor gave Victoria permission to be upright. She was thrilled! 

Oh yea, I'm a pro at this!

I may have chocolate on my foot and blue marker on my arm (as well as all over my father's shorts - he really shouldn't fall asleep when I am feeling artistic), but no time for a bath right now, unless this chair is coming with me! 

Good job little sister! Francesca may be a sticky fingers, touching everything within reach, but she sure is empathetic!

She figured out how to put her shoes on all by herself! We'll work on learning the difference between left and right another day.

See you all later! I gotta rest, cause who knows what I'm gonna figure out how to do tomorrow! 


  1. Organization is tough to accomplish but it definitely brings a sense of peace around a household!
    Congrats to Victoria for her persistance at standing. I'm very proud of that cutie patootie :)

  2. I love how much your girls seem to enjoy each other in photos :)

  3. love it. I cut my clutter last year but it is creeping up again. It helps that my 15 year old is a neat freak. He is better at housekeeping them me...way better. I read a book that inspired me but I did not come anywhere close to meeting the goals in the book: like 12 books maximum per child, the rest you can check out of library. Also my younger boy has probably 500 cars and toy police not to mention other toys.

    What I'm really good about is clothes clutter.

  4. I love seeing Francesa's fingers! There is a little guy in Rominiv with Apert's who had a family but it fell through. He absolutely loves stringing beads!! I am amazed that surgery could repair the fingers so well!!! Let me know if you have inspired anyone else to adopt a child with Apert's. Meanwhile, as far as the clutter goes...it comes back. Good luck!! Ahhh....Sandie Flannery ServingSpecialOphans.blogspot.com

  5. Does Catherine bite? b/c man oh man she looks like she's aiming at the camera here!! :D

    I'm right behind you in the organizing department, which makes no sense since I swear I just DID organize last year.

    Babies and kiddos look SO HAPPY, makes my heart sing :)


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