"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Soon to be Free!!!!

Tomorrow morning at 8:45 am, Victoria and I will be zooming off to Philadelphia! I am really excited to get to spend time with my friend, Catherine. Plus, I won't have to do Francesca's dressing changes for two whole days!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! Her hands are healing much faster than last time. I think because I am doing the dressings three times a day. I don't think they are hurting much now, but, well, there is the drama factor. All I have to do is show her a lollipop when it's time to do the dressings and she is all smiles. Here is a picture of her when I told her she couldn't hold my sunglasses. Oh, the horror!

Plus, the little rascal is fond of biting off her dressings at night. Have I mentioned how much I love duct tape!

One Monday, promptly at 8 am (when will I ever get to sleep late?) Victoria gets her casts cut off at Shriners.  I have a feeling she is going to get totally freaked out by the cast saw, considering that is scared of cotton balls and blow dryers.

I'm sure washing Victoria will be a breeze with only the brace on. Today,  I gave Victoria some shredded cheese to snack on. Somehow she managed to get all the little, tiny bits of cheese down the back of her cast. My husband actually had to tip her upside-down to get all the cheese out. 

I have lots of titillating adventures to tell you all about, like how little Catherine copes with the automatic flush toilets, but that will have to wait until I come back.  I really need to go wash some clothes for the trip, otherwise I may end up traveling in my pajamas!  


  1. Praying your trip is a success. Still laughing at the upside down cheese extractor.

  2. That is so exciting. I know you will be so glad to have the cast off.

  3. My son hated automatic flush toilets and would not use them. Whenever we were at Mervyns in the mall(they had auto flush)I would have to walk all the way to the food court bathrooms(no auto flush) just so he could go. Crazy!

    Hope cast removal goes well and all the ones left at home manage without you.

  4. OMSweet baby G! You are a hot mess. I found you through Christine's website..And your kids..WOW!!
    I think we were separated at birth. HOnestly. I spent hours going backwards through your blog to read every line! I fell asleep at 3 am..Now as I prepare for CHurch, I am mad at you. You aren't great at cooking or cleaning, Hmmm. Again, we are separated at birth. My children are not special needs, but they are adopted. Every since I saw those casts with duct tape I knew you were special! We had to use it on my little's broken arm too! I can't wait to go back and finish reading every word of your blog. I quit my blog because I lost my point of view. Felt guilty complaing or bragging each week..But you have inspired me to start again..Last night I wanted to pick up the phone at 2 am and call you. I just wanted to chat with you and offer some encouragement to you! Can't wait to start a new blog now!! BEST,

  5. Hope the trip goes well! Yes, I remember my kids' dread about the automatic flush toilets. If you stand in there with them and cover the sensor, it won't "know" to flush until they are safely out of the stall...


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