"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One More Week

So next Thursday I will be in Dallas, Texas getting ready for the girls' surgeries! I am getting really nervous. I don't know why I am so worried, since I already know what to expect, but maybe that is why!!!

I will miss my other sweeties too!

I have to pay $5000 upfront before the surgery, so Theresa has set up a chip-in, just in case anyone feels led to donated a little.


Francesca has been taking 40 mg of iron to help her blood (normally kids take about 10 mg). Let me tell you, there is no poop like iron fortified poop. Very scary!

Francesca has also been going to the doctor every week for an injection of Procrit. This amazing medicine actually works in her bone marrow, causing it to produce more red blood cells. All this is being done in the hopes that she won't need a blood transfusion after her cranial vault.

Victoria has had a really difficult time this week with her third set of casts. Her legs are really bending in these casts and it hurts, a lot. We are going to take the week off for casts when she has her surgery.

I am really looking forward to seeing my wonderful friend, Jen. She lives in Texas, so we are going to get together on the weekend before the surgery.
She adopted three kids from the same orphanage that Francesca and Victoria lived in. I got to be there when she met her kids! Seeing Jen and her family will definitely be the best part of the trip!

The only other thing that is noteworthy in my life is that I have somehow managed to run out of any kind of sweets in my house. I will be making a desperate run to the store right after this post. Powdered Ovaltine is not doing the job!!!


  1. ~LOL~ Iron Fortified poop.....in my experience it was so thick and pasty it could be used to fortify a fortress! I bet that would keep the invaders away! Ha!

  2. Catherine, your girls look so wonderful!!! Wow. They are just blossoming without a doubt. It is hard to look forward to surgery, period.

    Black poop....iron poop....we know all about it. Unfortunately we have grey/black teeth from it too. Had them polished today....beautiful...for a little while anyway.

    Perhaps you ar really just saying you are having surgery with the girls in the hopes of dodging that PIE!?!?!?!? Hmmmm?

  3. Thinking of you and your girls. I seriously don't know where you find the strength to do ALL that you do. I'll be sending lots of warm wishes, prayers and of course pixie dust your way. Stay positive mama. Don't hesitate reaching out when you need a friend. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Praying for you all! Love and miss you!


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